Prestige 20 Capper

Prestige 20 Capper

The perfect tube Capper.

The Technology

Combitool Solutions’ Prestige 20 Capper is designed to be operated as a sub-unit to a Prestige 20 Header. It applies screw-on, push-on and orientated caps to any shape of tube.

The design ensures fast setup time, high reliability and consistent Overall efficiency at an optimum production speed.

This Capper, when connected to a Header, creates an integrated tube production line where decorated tubes remain oriented through the whole process.

Perfectly oriented round and oval tube capping with an extra precision torque station for screw-on caps, makes this Capper a perfect match to cope with challenging market demands.

Your Benefits

  • ƒCaps round, oval or other tube shape
  • Screw-on, push-on and orientated caps
  • ƒƒIdeal efficiency for small and medium
    batch sizes
  • ƒƒOptional Top-Seal application
  • ƒƒƒƒƒƒQuick tool change
  • ƒƒHigh quality Swiss engineering
  • ƒƒCompetent and fast customer service

Technical Data

Tube diameter 16 - 50 mm  
Tube length 50 - 220 mm  
Speed with standard size parts / caps 80 tubes/min  
Tube diameter 13.5 - 16 mm / 50 - 63.5 mm possible with special size parts