Customer Service

You can rely on us

With our competent and fast customer service we ensure to keep your Combitool equipment in continuous operation and runs at peak performance – at all times.

Our Services at a glance:

  • Professional on-site commissioning
  • Thorough and customer specific trainings
  • Remote diagnostics (RDM) and support
  • Quick on-site service intervention
  • Machine inspection and check-up’s
  • Maintenance and upgrade/overhaul
  • Process optimization
  • High-availability of service parts
  • Pilot tooling for new tube designs


Contact us when you need us

+41 55 253 39 50

Commissioning and Training

  • Smooth production start-up

Our experienced and qualified service technicians will take care of smooth installation and proper commissioning of your equipment to ensure highest productivity at premium quality.


  • Your benefit from our experiences

By providing thorough training of your operators, process team and supervisors, we make sure that the machines are correctly operated and properly adjusted with the best possible parameters. Feel free to contact us for customised re-fresher trainings and process optimisation which is tailored to your requirements and needs.

Remote Diagnostics (RDM) and On-Site Support

  • Remote Diagnostic (RDM) for immediate help

With our RDM service our specialists can remotely provide real-time online assistance over a secure network connection. This helps to monitor and understand production situations live in order to identify possible issues.


  • Prompt and competent on-site support

Our skilled service technicians are available at short notice in order to support you right at your site to bring your equipment immediately back into production and to keep the downtime as short as possible.

Maintenance, Check-up and Upgrades

  • Maximum uptime through professional maintenance and check-up’s

Our experienced service technicians maintain your Combitool machines and size parts. As the manufacturer we know our machines inside out, and therefore we are able to professionally perform high quality maintenance work with appropriate original service parts. You can profit from an extended service life.

Take the advantages from our regular equipment check-up’s to ensure optimal productivity and maximum uptime which are key factors for your profitability.


  • Upgrade/Overhaul

Stay competitive with the latest technologies of our customised upgrade packages, to ensure continued availability of service parts and support.

Remote FAT - Factory Acceptance Test

Professionelle online Lösung

On time onsite Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) are not always possible due to a shorter timeline, travel restrictions, unavailability of experts and other issues.

Tailored to the customer’s needs we present our solution - Remote FAT (Factory Acceptance Tests).

We offer the machine test live in action with our trained experts through various secured collaborative tools like Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business. With this modern solution we can guaranty an on-time FAT completion.

Service Parts, Size Parts and Pilot Tooling

  • High-availability of service parts

The right part, at the right time, in the right place is utmost important. With our efficient team and careful considered stock policy we can provide high availability and immediate shipments of the required service part.


  • Size parts and pilot tooling for your new tube design

Either you are in need of new size parts or special pilot tooling for function test or to promote new cosmetic tube designs, we are the right partner. With over 30 years of experiences we can actively support you with new developments and sophisticated designs.